Bohemian-Style Wedding Dress Models and Finishing Ideas

Bohemian style weddings are all about celebrating individuality and a laid-back attitude. And what better way to showcase that than with a boho wedding dress? Bohemian wedding dresses are characterized by their free-spirited and unconventional designs that perfectly embody the bohemian spirit. From lace details to flowing silhouettes, these dresses can make a statement while still being comfortable to wear. Here are some unconventional gowns and unique finishing ideas for a boho bridal look.

Unconventional Gowns for a Bohemian Wedding

One of the key features of a bohemian wedding dress is its unique design that sets it apart from traditional wedding dresses. Consider a dress with a flowing silhouette that features lots of lace or crochet detailing. You could also opt for a dress with a loose-fitting, bohemian-inspired skirt and a simple bodice. Another option is to go for a dress with a deep V-neckline, which can be complemented by delicate beading or embroidery on the bodice.

Another unconventional option is a two-piece bohemian wedding dress. A crop top with lace or crochet detailing paired with a flowing skirt can create a beautiful and unique boho bridal look. You could also try an off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder style, paired with a flowing skirt or wide-leg pants. Remember, the key to a bohemian wedding dress is to choose something that feels comfortable and allows you to move and dance easily.

Unique Finishing Ideas for a Boho Bridal Look

In addition to the unconventional design, the finishing touches can also make a big impact on your boho bridal look. Consider adding a flower crown or a hair accessory with delicate beading or floral details. A statement necklace or a pair of dangling earrings can also add to the overall bohemian vibe. You could also try a pair of ankle boots or sandals instead of traditional wedding heels.

When it comes to makeup, opt for a natural and glowing look. Choose a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer, and add a soft pink or coral blush to your cheeks. Keep your eyes simple with a neutral eyeshadow and a lengthening mascara. Finish off with a nude or light pink lip color that complements your skin tone.

A bohemian wedding dress is all about embracing your unique style and personality. Whether you choose a flowing silhouette, a two-piece dress, or a deep V-neckline, there are plenty of unconventional options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches with accessories, makeup, and shoes. With these unique finishing ideas, you’re sure to create a beautiful and unforgettable boho bridal look.