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Katie Durán, co-owner of Løv Bridal Sartorial, enjoys helping brides find the perfect gown for their special day.
Oscar and Katie Durán are proud to have their boutique at 455 N. Broad Street, a building constructed in 1883.
Løv Bridal Sartorial, owned by Oscar and Katie Durán, is a new custom bridal and made-to-measure boutique at 455 N. Broad St. in Fremont.
“We are beyond proud to offer our clients the highest quality textiles, designed by some of the most talented designers, and constructed by some of the most reputable tailors/makers in the world,” said co-owner Katie Durán, a Fremont native. “And of course, we want to provide our service in the most peaceful atmosphere imaginable.”
Durán’s husband and partner, Oscar, is proud to bring the first of this type of bridal boutique to Nebraska.
“Working years in the bridal and fashion retail industries, we wanted to make sure we curated a collection, and more importantly, an experience where we could genuinely celebrate our client’s individuality,” Oscar said.
As a result, artisan collaboration quickly became the foundation to their business model.
The couple intentionally sought out artisans they thought exuded passion for their collections and their craft. They spent months seeking out artisans who were not oversaturated in the market and ones who were not just recycling popular mass-produced designs.
Katie attended a small country school for elementary school and Logan View for junior and senior high. She graduated from Midland University in 2009.
After growing up in southern Texas, Oscar attended Creighton Prep and earned his bachelor of arts and his master of arts degrees at the University of Nebraska in Omaha.
“Løv is for someone searching for that just-right attire that will showcase their personality,” Katie said. “Whether they are going to walk down the aisle with the partner of their dreams, or if they are going for their first job interview, Løv is for someone who wants to feel and look as special on the outside as they feel on the inside.”
Last weekend, the Duráns had the opportunity to work with a couple preparing to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows.
“They still wanted to get a new gown and suit to celebrate their journey together,” Katie said.
The name Løv Bridal Sartorial reflects the Duráns’ desire to honor their heritage.
“My great-grandparents are from Denmark,” Katie said. “So this is a tribute to my family. Løv is Danish for leaves; our main logo is two gingko leaves intertwined to symbolize two people together. We have the most beautiful, full, tall ginkgo trees in our backyard. They have been here for many years and ginkgo trees are one of the most resilient trees. What better symbol for what we stand for than resiliency?”
The boutique occupies a historic building once occupied by Ideal Laundry.
“It was built in the 1880s and has a certain grandness and specialness to it,” Katie said. “Every day, I think about the people who walked the same rooms, in this same building, what they were going through in their lives. We wanted to keep the tone of the art deco feel and really let the building shine instead of trying to make it into something that doesn’t feel natural.”
During the 1970s, the building housed the law practice of Ray Simmons.
“He had these beautiful 10-foot doors from Chicago brought in,” Katie said, “and they are one of our favorite pieces of the space. We had some art deco inspired brackets made at Adkisson Welding here in Fremont that really accentuate the vibe of our space.”
The selection of dresses at Løv Bridal Sartorial are from international designers whose work reflects a deep love of fashion and a commitment to honor the bride’s wants and needs.
“There are only a handful of stores in the United States that carry some of these lines,” Katie said, “and we are grateful to be one of them.
“One thing that sets us apart is our customizations,” she added. “I had a bride last week that liked the top of one dress, bottom of another, color of another and wanted to add straps. I called our rep while she was here and it was no problem for them. You can add liners, lower necklines, raise necklines, add sleeves, change the fabric. It’s so exciting to help a bride design something that is truly her.”
Having been in the wedding industry since age16, Katie has always worked retail.
“I worked for a wedding rental company in Omaha for two years right after we got married,” she said. “I loved working with brides and getting to work in some of the coolest venues in Omaha.
During consultation meetings, Katie noticed conversations sometimes shifting to what the wedding dress looked like and where it was purchased.
“Weddings have always been a passion of mine as well as celebrating others on their big day,” she said.
Katie said she loved working with brides, but felt she was missing out by not being part of the dress shopping experience.
“I would come home almost crying some days and jokingly said, ‘I just want to sell dresses.’ You don’t say things off the cuff like that to Oscar because he will make it happen. He said, “’OK, let’s do it!’”
The Duráns are sensitive to the fact that when a woman is shopping for her wedding attire, there are no quick decisions.
“This is something she will be wearing when she is introduced as a wife, and she will most likely have pictures up of her wearing this for years to come,” Katie said. “There is so much emotion tied to choosing your wedding outfit, and I am honored to be a part of this process.”
Katie said she enjoys getting to know her brides and seeing what each one envisions for her wedding day.
“It’s like being a matchmaker and finding something that fits what she wants but also encouraging her to accentuate what makes her look and feel good,” she said. “I am entrusted with helping her look and feel her best on one of her most exciting days, celebrating this momentous occasion with her friends and family.”
After selling prom dresses to several women who were sisters, Katie said one of the women came back years later to buy her wedding dress.
“Again, it’s trust that I have taken care of her and will take care of her again,” she said.
Although custom suiting was not part of the Duráns’ original business plan, they learned about the process and realized it was a natural fit for their shop.
“A woman is able to keep her dress and reminisce about her special day,” Katie said. “So why can’t the man have that as well? We had a young man buy a made-to-measure suit for his wedding, but he wanted something that could translate into everyday life. He has a job where he needs to dress up often for work. That is the beautiful thing about our suits. They can be worn for years and years.”
Helping customers build a versatile wardrobe is another service the Duráns are pleased to offer.
“You don’t need a closet full of clothes,” Katie said. “We know once someone buys a suit, they can change it up with different shirts, which is something we also do, made-to-measure shirts.
“We already have his measurements,” she said, “so he can come look through the fabrics and pick something out for the season. His spouse or kids can pick something out for him once we have his measurements.”
Oscar Durán is accustomed to wearing a suit jacket to work every day and admits that even as a boy he enjoyed dressing up. After trying on one of the made-to-measure suits, however, his wife could see a definite difference in his demeanor.
“These suits are handmade in Italy,” he said. “About 20 measurements and almost as many decisions to make regarding the construction of the suit, to the shape of the shirt sleeve cuff to the color of the stitching on the lining. Guys start out a little nonchalant when they are first starting to pick out the color and fabric of the suit. But when we have been talking about it for a while, and we get down to the color of the buttons or other details, they really get into it.”
The Duráns are quick to acknowledge those individuals who helped them establish their business.
“We are blessed to be surrounded by so many great people,” Katie said. “In the 13 years Oscar and I have been together, we have never worked so closely. There have been mornings where we get up at 4:30 a.m., work for a while before going in to work, do our jobs, be parents, and then get back to the grind when the kids go to bed. It was long weekends of physical work. Our families have been super great with helping take kids to activities, keeping them occupied, coming over to help with projects, such as photo layouts.”
As they have worked to establish their business, the Duráns are grateful for the community support.
“It is really incredible how people have rallied around us and genuinely want to see us do well,” Katie said. “They see that this is something that has become a cool part of Fremont. Our mayor has already toured the store and supported our suit business. Being on Broad Street, we have lots of traffic and exposure to the community. People have been excited to see the progress they could see each time they drove by in the past months and have been so encouraging.”
The Duráns enjoy living and working in a building that is part of downtown Fremont’s rich history.
“We have had the building for eight years and raised three kids here,” Katie said. “We’re in a unique environment where we actually live upstairs and the boutique is on the main level. It’s about more than dresses and suits. It’s about community and supporting other businesses as well. It has allowed us to keep our family as a priority.”
As business owners, the Duráns are teaching their children about working for what they want. “It’s about teaching the next generation about working for yourself if you want to and being creative. It’s so much fun to hear out kids give their own stories about the store and things they have done to help.”
The Duráns are glad to offer encouragement to those who are considering entrepreneurship.
“It takes a lot of self-discipline,” Katie said. “You have to think about 20 things at once, make them simultaneously move, and then plan out your next 10 steps.”
“Surround yourself with hype people,” she added. “You are going to have those days where you feel like what you did didn’t matter, or something went wrong that was out your control. Have people there who will lift you back up, brush you off, and then walk beside you.”
Katie is proud to have a man like Oscar as both her husband and her business partner.
“In my opinion, everyone needs someone like Oscar,” she said. “I have loved working with dresses for half my life and he pushed me to not settle but to follow my dreams. Not only does he encourage me, he makes things happen. He is three steps ahead and has the ability to see the big picture. He has loved fashion for a long time, so it is very rewarding to do something like this with him. I encourage others to do something that makes you feel like your authentic self.”
One important part of the service offered at Løv Bridal Sartorial is learning about customers’ goals, interests, fashion taste, and personal style.
“We wanted a business where we do what we love but can still be ourselves,” Katie said. “It’s filled with music, different lighting, art, history and a lot of love.”

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Katie Durán, co-owner of Løv Bridal Sartorial, enjoys helping brides find the perfect gown for their special day.
Oscar and Katie Durán are proud to have their boutique at 455 N. Broad Street, a building constructed in 1883.
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