Bridal Separates: The Modern Dress Alternative Trending For 2024 … – Glam

Like any fashion trends, bridal trends are always evolving. Bridal trends are becoming more about comfort and style than tradition. Bridal separates are a modern trend that’s slowly convincing brides to have two looks over just one. Besides being able to show off two stellar fashion moments on the big day, bridal separates allow you to be comfortable during the reception without having to lug a heavy gown all day. These separates are becoming increasingly popular, partially thanks to brides including Sofia Richie, who gave a spectacular lesson in bridal fashion for her wedding (but you can get the look for much less). Besides being comfortable and attention-grabbing, bridal separates solve issues that traditional gowns simply don’t. If you desire a different look for your ceremony and reception, bridal separates give you the chance to easily pull off two styles in one.
Wedding gown changes usually involve purchasing two wedding dresses for one day. Although this adds to the shopping experience, the high cost of purchasing two gowns can be a deterrent. Rather than having to purchase two wedding gowns, these separates can easily be pulled off by purchasing layering pieces or removable parts. In the end, you don’t need to spend much more to get the looks you want for your big day. The key is getting the look you want and enjoying the moment.

The concept of bridal separates comes from creating two looks in one. If you want to avoid paying for two wedding dresses, adding a wedding dress cape on top can instantly transform your bridal gown into a new design. If you’re opting for a more traditional ceremony, a cape can help keep your wedding gown classic and simple. Simply take off the cape for the reception to reveal a more party-ready wedding outfit. Just one piece can help you distinguish between your ceremony and reception looks.

Although many think of rompers as a staple of summer fashion, they’re slowly becoming a favorite for brides. Bridal rompers are another easy way to take your wedding gown from day to night with one quick layer. Simply opt for a detachable skirt that can easily be added on top of your romper to wear for your ceremony and remove it for your party. A romper — along with a more comfortable pair of alternative wedding shoes – still gives you the freedom to dance the night away but adds that extra glam moment you deserve.

Like rompers, jumpsuits are starting to get the bridal treatment. Bridal jumpsuits are a savvy solution to getting two wedding looks in one. Simply adding a layering piece to your jumpsuit gives you the traditional bridal look with the freedom of removing layers at your reception. Unlike the romper alternative, jumpsuits keep you looking classic all night and offer a solution if it starts to get chilly later on. For a modern approach, try attaching a train to your jumpsuit for the ceremony — you’ll get a unique twist on the wedding gown.

More modern brides are turning away from the traditional wedding gown and instead opting for a truly unique twist. Two-piece wedding sets are the perfect way to ensure you can redesign your bridal look throughout the day to feel more comfortable. Typically, these sets include a top and a separate skirt option. Underneath the skirt, you can opt for a comfortable pair of pants or shorts to continue the night in your two-piece bridal set.

Brides typically want one traditional, classic look for the ceremony and a more fun, unique look for the reception. Removable sleeves can give you the elegance and timelessness you seek for your ceremony and the freedom you want for your reception. If you’re hosting your ceremony in a venue that requires more coverage, removable sleeves offer a solution without having to sacrifice your original idea. If you’re looking to shed some layers at your reception, the sleeves can be taken off easily.