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LAMPASAS, Texas — A Central Texas woman is on a mission to find her wedding dress.
The nearly 30-year-old dress isn’t necessarily missing, it wasn’t misplaced or stolen. The dress was actually sold at a garage sale two and a half years ago in Gatesville.
Renee Cummings decided to not hold on to the dress anymore as she and her husband were downsizing homes. It wasn’t until recently, when one of her daughters got engaged, that she started to feel some regret for not holding on to the sentimental piece of clothing. 
Cummings told 6 News her daughter was hoping to repurpose her dress for her own wedding. She is now turning to the power of social media to help find the dress.
“I would really love just to have any part of it back that I could get and I am willing to buy it back from them, I’m willing to travel to go get it,” Cummings said. “I just really, really would like to have the dress. If it does have the same sentimental value from them now that it does for me — if they would just let me know, that would be great. I would love to hear from them.”
Cummings married the love of her life in 1993 in Lampasas, TX. They were two kids young and in love at ages 20 and 24.
Cummings wanted to get married close to Christmas time and remembers the moment she picked out her wedding dress with two women who were big parts of her life.
“I have lost my mom and my grandmother since my wedding and they bought the dress for me,” Cummings said. “They were the only ones who went with me to go dress shopping, they were the ones there whenever I purchased it and they were a huge part of my life for a very long time. Now they’re both gone and I was hoping that they would get to see the girl’s wedding, but it’s not going to happen.”
Cummings describes her dress as very beaded on the bodice, all around the waistline and at the bottom of the cathedral-style train. The nearly 30-year-old dress is long-sleeved and has satin rosettes on the shoulders.
Cummings original post asking for help finding the dress can be found HERE.
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