I thought my wedding dress was perfect — until my boobs popped out – New York Post

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She had something old, something new, something borrowed and, in one desperate bride’s case, something boob.
When Joanna Olandt, from California, went to pick up her dream wedding gown just three weeks prior to her big day she discovered a fashion faux pas that made her say “I don’t” to her dress. 
She tried on her custom-fitted gown equipped with a floral corset and romantic train, only to discover what was supposed to be a perfect fit fully exposed her nipples. 
Olandt, who goes by @sweetandtell on TikTok, posted a video to her account earlier this month detailing her ordeal that’s already racked up over 1.3 million views. 
In her video, she explained she got the call her dress was ready “very late” but wasn’t too worried because she assumed it would “fit perfectly” since she had “custom measurements” taken so that the dress would be fitted to her body. 
Olandt sat in two hours of traffic during rush hour from Orange County to Los Angeles to pick up her frock, and when she arrived she put on her dress and was “so happy with it.” She soon realized things were not quite what they seamed.  
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While strutting her stuff in her “perfect” dream gown she said she started to feel “a little bit of breeze around the nipples.”
“I look down and I’m like oh they’re fully exposed…tits were out,” she recalled. 
Olandt started “freaking out” and worried the alterations would cost her “so much money to fix.”
She said the dressmaker tried to blame her for picking a small cup size, though she found the fit “very strange” and told them she’d never agree to such a small bust. She demanded that the store let her try on the floor model, which she discovered had “double the amount of fabric” compared to her dress. 
“They actually ended up agreeing with me,” Joanna said. “They were helpful with fixing it but they had to fully reconstruct the entire top part of the corset.”
The dressmaker completely recreated the top of her dress with just weeks to spare. Olandt said the situation was “so stressful,” but luckily it all worked out in the end.
After sharing her story with other brides, Olandt found out nightmarish stories like hers were “more common than not.”
Fellow brides commiserated with Olandt by sharing their own wedding disasters in her comments section.
“I paid soooo much money for my dress and it was completely the wrong size and didn’t fit me on my wedding day,” said one commenter. 
“This happened to me🥲 thankfully they refunded me my ‘custom order’ fee and paid for my alterations. Glad you stood your ground and got yours fixed!” Said another.
And one savvy commenter offered a word of advice: “ALWAYS lie about your wedding date! Tell them it’s at least two weeks earlier than it is!
But of course, not all mistakes are a dressmaker’s fault. Earlier this year a bride said her family member accidentally donated her wedding dress to Goodwill.