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Almost like a scene from a movie, the home of Newlin Township resident Trudie Powell missed a near devastating accident when a train heading towards a mill in Coatesville derailed in her backyard, writes Ryan Hughes for CBS Philadelphia.
Powell was sitting on her porch, enjoying the sun and a glass of iced tea, when the train whose conductor she waved to just seconds earlier suddenly ended up in her backyard. Rail cars crashed to the ground, landing mere feet from her side porch and garage.
One of the cars toppled onto her septic tank, while the others carrying sunflower oil and lumber scattered into her swimming pool.
“The most thing I was fortunate about is my grandchildren weren’t here because, literally, they would be in the pool with me every day,” said Powell.
However, this is the second time in two years that train cars had to be offloaded and lifted from her yard. Since 2017, an accident on this railroad has been reported each year, according to the Federal Railroad Association.
The cause of the derailment is still to be determined.
Read more about the accident at CBS Philadelphia.

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