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When you’re a bride-to-be, it can be a joyful moment going dress shopping with your loved ones. But as you try on different styles and twirl around the dressing room, you may struggle to figure out which gown is right for you.
As you’re on the hunt for the dress of your dreams, it’s always recommended to try on a few different looks to see what fits your style, personality, and your wedding ambiance the best. If you’re looking to zip up something a bit more unusual, try on one of these 10 non-traditional wedding dress styles that are booming in popularity this year.
If you’re a person who adores the idea of intricate details lining your dress, you may want to try on a gown that incorporates 3-D florals. This season, designers are placing floral appliques on dresses to give a standard look a bold flair.
As you’re trying on dresses, experiment with different necklines. If you find that you like an off-the-shoulder look, try a dress that also has droopy sleeves. This trend is popular in 2023, especially for those who want a gown with a romantic, but traditional feel.
Mixing fabrics is a fun way to add extra dimension to a wedding dress. One unique way that designers are doing that this year is by adding sheer top layers or sleeves. If you’re planning a wedding in the fall or winter and you’re expecting cooler temperatures, having this extra layer of fabric could be a stylish way to stay warm.
While shades of white and cream usually dominate the racks at any bridal store, this year you might see more gowns with color. In the past, stores have carried wedding dresses with splashes of pink or blue on them. This year, bold colors, like purple, gold, black, and silver, are showing up in more dress designs. If you’re not sure that you want a white dress, try on other color options to see what fits you best.
If dresses that reach the floor don’t feel like a good fit for you, a nontraditional option that’s sweeping bridal looks this year are extra short dresses. For those looking to elope or want a bridal look that’s easy to move around in, try on shorter dresses to see if you’re into them for your celebration.
Another option for your wedding day is to ditch the idea of a dress and wear a jumpsuit instead. A non-traditional spin is to pick a jumpsuit with a bold detail, like a cape or an extra large floral applique in the center. If you’re having trouble finding these looks in a bridal store, search online for designers who specialize in making jumpsuits.
A style that gives off both a romantic feel and a twist of modern is one that’s trending in 2023. You’ll see satin-crepe cutout gowns during bridal fashion shows and on racks in the store. This non-traditional look is perfect for a bride who wants to show a little skin in an elegant way.
If you want a fun reception dress or a more casual wedding day look, a style that shows personality is the feather-trimmed midi dress. These mid-length dresses are perfect for a night spent on the dance floor and the feather detail gives them a bonus flair.
Want a bridal look that really shines? Consider a wedding dress lined with sequins. If you want a gown that’s elegant and stands out, going with white, gold, or silver sequins will make the dress completely eye catching. As you’re considering bridal styles of all different color shades, perhaps add in one sequin dress to try on.
It’s not too often we see wedding dresses with high necklines, but this year, designers have brought that style back. To make the dress even more unique, try the popular look of a mini dress with a higher neckline, accessorized with a bold necklace.
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