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Roz Purcell is still on cloud nine after getting engaged and although wedding plans are still in the early stages, she already knows she’ll take the non-traditional route with dress shopping.
The model and author, who has just released her fourth book The Hike Life, said yes to her long-time love Zach Desmond in August after he popped the question at the Cliffs of Moher.
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Now that the engagement has sunk in – Roz admits she’s been caught out saying ‘my boyfriend’ and not ‘my fiancé’ a few times – she’s turned her thoughts to the dress hunt and is more than happy to have her husband-to-be involved in the process – so much so she’d even invite him dress shopping.
Roz told EVOKE with a laugh: ‘I wouldn’t mind Zach seeing the dress before the wedding at all. I will be like “will you come dress shopping with me and tell me which one looks good?”.’
‘We’re very much like that and even in the week he’ll come down in the morning and ask, “what do you think of his outfit?” and I’m the same with him, so there’s no way in hell I wouldn’t show him the dress before [the wedding] to see what he thinks. Already I’ve been like, “what do you think of this dress?” So I’m not going to be secretive at all.
‘There’s loads of countries where they do it [pictures in the dress] a week after or the week before and I’m all for that so on the day you can just have a party and you don’t have to worry about it. We might even try to do our wedding photos a day before so on the day we don’t have to think about it. If the day before is a really nice sunny day, just do it that day so you’re not waking up and going “oh no, it’s raining” on your wedding day.’
When it comes to what type of dress she’ll end up wearing on her big day, Roz is still debating her options but has been tempted by going vintage.
She said: I’m thinking I might get a cool vintage wedding dress. I’m looking online, but it seems to be quite hard to find one that’s actually nice. One of my friends gave me really good advice. She said “go into a bridal store that has every different style, all different necklines, full skirts, pencil skirts, and it doesn’t even have to be a place that you’re considering buying from, but try them all on so you know what style suits you, and that’ll narrow your search down”.’
Unlike many brides-to-be, Roz has got a fair bit of experience in bridal wear as she used to model dresses – although she doesn’t think this has helped her prepare for being a real bride!
She said with a laugh: ‘I have worn dresses a million times from when I used to model. I used to do so many wedding shows and shoots. I think that’s probably why I’m not looking forward to going to find one because when you’re a model wearing so many wedding dresses, it takes away the excitement. I was 19/20 when I was modelling and I wouldn’t have the same taste now so I can’t really remember ever thinking, “wow, this is what I want”. The dresses were lovely but I was so young.’
Roz is adamant that she and Zach will be planning the wedding together and doesn’t hesitate to admit that he might be a ‘little more organised’ than her as he plans events for work. While they’ve yet to pick a venue, the couple are confident they’ll be saying I Do in Ireland and that it’ll be somewhere pet-friendly so their two dogs can have a starring role.
She said: ‘We’ll definitely get married in Ireland. It’s home and I love Ireland. I think it can be so beautiful and even on a moody day I just think for photos it’ll just be stunning. I also have a lot of older relatives and lots of friends and family so I don’t want them to have to go flying anywhere.
‘I just want the kind of party that’s really relaxed… I’m hoping I’ll never turn into a bridezilla and just be very compromising and ensure that we all have a nice day and it’s not too stressful.’
Roz’s book The Hike Life: My 50 Favourite Hikes In Ireland is out now.


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