Skint Katie Price is flogging wedding dress from Peter Andre marriage – despite vowing to give it to d… – The US Sun

KATIE Price is selling off the wedding dress she wore when she married Peter Andre, as well as a his-and-hers outfit they both performed in.
The former glamour model, 44, took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday where she tried to flog the princess-style gown.
Boasting a seven-metre train, it set her back £20,000 at the time of their 2005 ceremony and was designed by Isabell Kristensen – however she didn't specify the resale price.
It comes after Katie's latest bankruptcy hearing was delayed for a fifth time in April and is now scheduled for July 7.
During the court date, Katie will be asked to lay bare just how much cash she makes from stripping off online and selling her old clothes when she finally faces the music over her monster £3.2million debts.
She has avoided being grilled in person since November 2021.
And despite vowing to hand the special outfit down to her daughters Princess, 15, and Bunny, eight, Katie is advertising it on her social media.
She told fans in a video: "See girls, isn't this what you've been waiting for? Look what I have found. The original wedding dress when I married Pete. Look at the skirt.
"I don't want it anymore so if you head over to my memorabilia… not only that, I've also got the corset top I wore. Woo, ready for grabs!"
In another post, Katie whipped out matching cream outfits worn with her first husband Peter in a Children In Need performance.
The former Celebrity Big Brother winner said: "I’m laughing because this is another outfit of his-and-hers. Let me give you a clue."
After breaking into song with their 2006 cover of A Whole New World, she continued: "That’s right, this was mine and Pete’s outfit when we sang on Children In Need.
"There’s Pete’s outfit and that was my outfit so if you want a matching outfit, I’ve even found this. Woo!"
The reality star is sentimental about her weddings to Peter, Kieran Hayler and Alex Reid, so stored the dresses for safe keeping.
While she has no intention of wearing them again, Katie told The Sun in 2020: "I still have my wedding dresses, all safely packed away.
"My dream would be to re fashion one of them for Princess or Bunny's big day. It is traditional.
However, she admitted she'll have to get their permission first, which may prove difficult.
Katie added: "Somehow I don't think Princess or Bunny would be up for that. Lovely thought, though."