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Wedding dresses don’t get better than this
Ask almost any society bride and they will tell you the same: wedding planning is a relentless, all-consuming juggernaut. Long planned or last minute; intimate or grand; rustic or glamorous; it doesn't matter to which bride tribe you belong – the nuptials almost always spiral out of control.
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It’s safe to say that for most brides (including myself) the day is entirely, or at least largely, about ‘the dress’. I knew if I nailed my dress, somehow the rest of the wedding would be a perfect success! And if I didn’t? Well, that thought gave me sleepless nights. It became my wedding obsession. Meanwhile, my husband was demoted to ‘the groom’ – someone whose sole requirement was to turn up… so that everyone could see ‘the dress’! You get the idea. This bridal fixation reaches fever pitch on the wedding day. Smudged makeup, torn lace, a spilt glass of champagne… a million tiny accidents threaten to put your happiness (and marriage) on the line. Spare a thought for ‘the groom’.
Julie Sabatino
Bridal essentials to avoid a breakdown:
Enter celebrity bridal stylist Julie Sabatino, who, together with her team, works with brides from day one to help them find their dream dress and then hold their hand on the day: from getting them ready, ensuring they’re picture perfect at every moment through to managing all fashion dramas. Based in New York but active around the world, Sabatino has spent over 25 years primping and preening the highest of high society brides. (NDAs make them impossible to name but think billionaires, aristos and titans of industry.)
And if you can’t secure the much-coveted Sabinto herself? The bridal guru has put all of her knowledge into her newly-launched ‘The Wedding Day Fashion Emergency Kit’, which provides solutions to the 15 fashion emergencies you are most likely to experience on the day – from a broken zip to red wine; or even (heaven forbid!) a brush with car grease. ‘It is the next best thing to having me there with you as on the day, as aside from assuring you look fabulous, more often than not this is where I am most likely to be required,’ Sabinto tells Tatler.
The carefully-curated kit is a selection of top-of-the-line products hand-picked by Sabatino that can be mixed and matched to address fashion wedding emergencies, alongside a step-by-step guide on how they should be implemented. Even just having the kit to hand takes the stress out of any unwanted dilemmas whilst potentially saving several major dramas.

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